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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sanguine Saturday (It Still Counts, I Haven't Slept Yet!)

Wow. What a week. And of course I cap it off by almost forgetting to post my Sanguine Saturday post!

No new sanguine posts from outside of DD this week, guess everyone was too busy enjoying the Christmas season and enjoying themselves, to have time to post up some positives. ;) Get in on the wave of positivity this week and get bonus linkage to your blog by blogging your own version of Sanguine Saturday (or any other day of the week) and shoot me the URL before next Saturday!

Success Stories:
For the first time in a few years, I was sober enough to legibly type "Happy New Year" at the appropriate time.
Doing things to take care of myself after being triggered.
Being able to support some of my friends.
Making realisations about the way I sometimes do things.
Doing things to take care of my physical health.
Using my distractions appropriately, most of the time.
Challenging guilt trips placed on me by family.
Remaining calm while my mother lost her head after a call from my brother. (He was ill and called to ask her to come over. He's okay now.)

Gratitudes/things that make me happy:
New Millers giraffe PJs!
Giraffes. Always.
My friends, whose presence in my life is a precious gift.
Skyping with my friends.
Watching my mother's best friend open his present on boxing day. Priceless!

Challenge and cheer-leading statements:
A slip doesn't have to mean I stop trying.
Whatever I feel is okay, and it's okay to feel more than one thing at once.
I am not a bad person.
Just because I think something doesn't make it true. It's important to check the facts instead of making assumptions about what others are thinking or feeling.

Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way. And don't forget to blog your own version of Sanguine Saturday this week! ;)


  1. "It's important to check the facts instead of making assumptions about what others are thinking or feeling."
    so, so, so very important.

  2. I love your post and happy new year to you. I turned my phone onto silent on new years so if you had texted me at midnight I would have got it in the morning anyway :)

    I meant to text you yesterday but I totally forgot about it. I hope your new year was awesome! Mine was pretty good actually, though long and tiring at a BBQ for the whole of Andy's mum's side of the family, which went okay.

    To giraffe's as they are awesome :)


  3. Happy New Year! Great to read your post. I keep meaning to post my own version of "Sanguine Saturday"... :P *hugs*