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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sanguine Saturday Has Come Again

Woah. I think everyone who reads this blog knows what's been going on here in Queensland lately, but just in case there's someone who doesn't, there has been widespread flooding that has even affected Brisbane. Last I heard, 75% of Queensland (an area that is roughly equivalent to 5 times the size of the UK or twice the size of Texas) is considered a disaster zone; and in fact, five of Australia's seven states/territories are now experiencing major floods.

Having said that, though, I am not officially in Brisbane, and I have not been personally affected by the flooding. There has been some (much less devastating) flooding nearer to me, and it's been awful watching all the news coverage and seeing the damage and hearing the stories, though.

Flooding aside, this has been another rough week. I'm really struggling, so there's still not much of substance in the way of success stories. For now, trying to keep my head above water is good enough.

This week, I have a couple of positive links to share! My beautiful friend Sonya, over at My Verse, has posted up another Great Things list, and this week Sairs from My Lunatic Express has posted her version of Sanguine Saturday as well! Who's going to join us in the positivity challenge this week? Remember, this is your version of Sanguine Saturday - if my format doesn't work for you, go ahead and blog some positivity in your own way, on a day that works for you! And don't forget to share the link with me when you join in and blog, so that I can link to you in the next installment!

Success Stories:
I eventually managed to journal about my visit to my father's.
I'm sober right now.
I left the house on Thursday and again on Friday.
Since I was leaving the house anyway, I did the right thing and sought the medical attention I should've got days ago.
I had a couple of tricky situations that I didn't take off and run from.
I was able to make a couple of good decisions re movies, TV and books.

Gratitudes/things that make me happy:
Good friends.
Being able to skype with my best friend.

Challenge and cheer-leading statements:
I can survive anything I choose to survive.
Some dynamics don't change just because I'm an adult now.
All feelings are real and valid. All feelings will pass.


  1. I went to the city today and it was really weird that everything was really quiet. You know how usually on a saturday how there is heaps of people in adelaide street and in the queen st mall, well there was harldy anyone around at all. Half the shops were shut with signs up saying that due to flooding they would be closed so their staff could get home. I was at officeworks but Andy walked a bit along to river and he said he could see where some of the water had been.

    I think you had some good success stories by the way. I agree with the crafting. I have been making bookmarks lately with my heat embosser. I haven't made any cards for a while but I keep trying. My brain is in zine mode though. I think I will have to post a positive blog post once a week too, but I will have to come up with my own style I think. I might do it in photographs, sort of like my "10 random photos" posts :-)


  2. we have seen quite a bit on the flooding over here in the uk how actualy bad is it becasue its hard to picture since australia is a lot bigger than great britton

  3. Thanks to your inspiration, I have *finally* created my own version of Sanguine Saturday! Check it out:


  4. I think "keeping your head above water" is a fine achievement for any week, but for this one in particular.

    And I am strongly tempted to follow your sanguine example -- just working out my own way to express it, so look out!