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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Sanguine Saturday (Anyone else get Cat Stevens stuck in their heads after that?)

Hey look, it's Saturday again. I've been having crazy mood-swings today. It's interesting. With the way things have been in my head the last little while, crazy mood-swings are an improvement because at least with those there have been ups!

My 'count' of success stories this week is drastically low, but I was very physically unwell at the start of the week, and have been in extraordinary amounts of physical pain, so I'm going to be gentle with myself over this.

Success Stories:
Again, I've had a couple of days alcohol free. And days where I've chosen to drink but have been aware and careful about how much alcohol I've consumed.
I sought medical attention for things that needed it.
I sought medical advice when I wanted to confirm whether I was only suffering from an infected wound or if there was more to it (turns out, there was).
I rescheduled two appointments in order to look after my physical needs, but I was careful to not cancel the one with my alcohol counsellor.
I asked mum to get some juice with the shopping so that I'm not just drinking Coke/soft drink.
I did a few things I was avoiding.
I got in contact with some friends I haven't really spoken to in a while.
I did some DEAR MAN.
I've spent some time doing craft and I did some reading for Carol.

Gratitudes/things that make me happy:
Skyping with my best friend.
Craft and my epic dreamcatcher.
Soft and fluffy things.
Pictures of raccoons and squirrels.
Little teeny tiny monkeys!

Cheer-leading statements:
Feelings are not facts.
It's okay to feel the way I feel.
It's okay to ask for what I need.
Moving is a big thing. It's okay to feel a lot of feelings in relation to that.
Not everybody is going to react like my mother does.

Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way.


  1. I'm glad you were able to be gentle with yourself -- that matters so much in this harsh world. And I'm glad that you're attending so well to your physical needs, because (imo) they are so tied in to our emotions and how they play themselves out. It's been fun talking with you this week, your sense of humor has been out in full force and that's so enjoyable -- though of course that's only part of what I like about you. Keep up those cheerleading statements, they are right on the money!

  2. I really love your posts. They always make me think and they also make me smile when you do your things that made you happy and there are the giraffes too :-)

    I am going to say cats make me happy, they always have but they make me extra happy now that I have Missy. Thanks for a lovely post.


  3. "but I was very physically unwell at the start of the week, and have been in extraordinary amounts of physical pain, so I'm going to be gentle with myself over this."
    you know, you can be gentle with yourself even without reasons like this, too.
    also, bananas, hahahaha

  4. Jennifer: Thanks lovely! I definitely agree that our physical health can influence our emotional health. I'm glad I've been fun to talk to this week, though! It's always nice to know your sense of humour is appreciated. :) (Did you see my rawr/cooked! thing? Unappreciated for my genius there, darnit!)

    Sairs: Thanks, Sairs. I'm glad my posts get you thinking and that my Saturday posts make you smile! I smiled about you liking cats. They're lovely animals, aren't they? I'm so jealous of you with Missy! I can't wait to get some animals of my own once I'm settled after my move.

    Sonya: I... am going to need some time to process and accept that, I think. When I first read your comment, my brain went a little wonky. "Of course I can't. There has to be a REASON to not drive myself into the.... Oh. Hello there, crazy-head thought!" At least I recognised it for what it is, though, right? And I knew you'd appreciate the bananas! Mum bought some with the shopping this week. :D