This blog is part of my recovery, and I would like it to remain a safe place for me to share parts of myself and my life that people close to me may or may not know. As a result, while I'm not going crazy with privacy settings, I do ask that if you find this on your own and suspect you may know me, please respect my privacy by checking with us before reading any further. This obviously doesn't apply if one of us has given you the link!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sanguine Saturday Again

Success Stories:
I've had a couple of days alcohol free.
I've gotten up every day. Some days I've even achieved a little more than that. ;)
In session with Carol, I was honest with her about what's going on for me - including discussing something that was terrifying for me to admit to. (Facing fear/avoidance)
I also told Carol I would read my poem at the candle-lighting and even said I'd read two, and any others that people don't want to read themselves, if they want.
I followed medical instructions on care for my graft, even when I didn't want to. (PLEASE)
I made attempts to include positive experiences in my week as well as practicalities. (Emotion regulation)
Faced my fear enough to send off a few emails that needed to be sent.
Have continued efforts to get my stuff sorted for moving. Sometimes that means something as small as taking out the trash, other days it's been as big as cleaning off my desk.
I attended a workshop for Reclaim The Night (though I won't be going to RTN this year because I, hopefully, will no longer be in Brisbane by then).
Supported causes that are important to me - by wearing Red for Ruby yesterday, and writing "love" for Australian TWLOHA. (And yes, anyone who reads this who doesn't have me on facebook is welcome to add that account.)

Gratitudes/things that make me happy:
My lovely friends.
Enterprise themed household goods.
Canberra zoo.
Pretty flowers.
Taking photographs.

Cheer-leading statements:
Feelings are not facts.
It's okay to feel the way I feel.
I deserved better and it's more than okay to acknowledge that.
It's okay to ask for what I need.
I am not a bad person. Not because of x, not because of y, and not for any other reason, either.


  1. I have had problems in the past with alcohol and getting wasted. This hasnt been a problem for me lately but i still look forward to the escape although lately it takes the form of sleep or gorging myself on food. I have trouble getting things done and keep writting to do lists but howevernot really suceeding at getting much done. I have BPD, Anxiety and Depression and have been in the Mental Health system for about nine years. I am new to blogging and would love for you to take a look at mine the link is:

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    Take Care.

  2. Chrysalis,

    Some days reading your blog is like reading my head. So many similarites. I just want to say thank you for writing. Though I wouldn't wish this on anybody, it is reassuring to know I'm not alone.

    xx P

  3. Thank you both for reading and commenting.

    Welcome to blogging, krystalmc. I'm sorry I can't leave a comment on your blog - in order to do so it looks like I would need to sign up with an account.

    P, Thank you! I understand what you mean about not wishing it on anyone but finding reassurance in knowing you're not alone.

  4. Hiya,
    I posted earlier just to update you my blog address has changed as I was having trouble with people not being able to comment. I am still new to blogging and would like it if you would check out my blog the link is:
    Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.