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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sanguine Saturday

Some weeks are easier than others. This hasn't really been one of those, but it's ending now and that means there's the opportunity for this one to be better. Challenge statements have been very difficult this week and I suspect I might be a little less in rational-thinking mode than I would like.

I started with my new psychologist and am pleased by several things:
1. The therapy centre has a puppy, and my psychologist says she eats lunch with him most days. This is very encouraging.
2. She works with adults AND with children (so I'm thinking she is capable of being gentle).
3. She has worked with prison inmates (so I'm thinking she is capable of being tough).
4. She's capable of seeing through evasions but doesn't jump to conclusions.

Less pleased that she's already leaning towards hospital as an option, but at least she's being upfront about it. We'll see what happens.

I also took part in one of the heats for the National Poetry Slam '11 championship. I may not have won, but just the fact that I performed I think is an amazing achievement for me. I'm pleased and also I'm proud of myself.

Success Stories:
I went to my appointment with the new psychologist.
I went for a couple of decent walks this week.
I got myself signed up at the new medical clinic.
I faced my fear and went to the poetry slam, and then I got up and performed!
Even though I was reluctant, I signed a safety contract of sorts (that I will stick to) with my new psychologist.
Being proud of myself!

Gratitudes/Happy Things:
Getting to hear everyone else's work at the poetry slam.
Kale the therapy puppy.

Challenge and cheer-leading statements:
Feelings aren't facts.
Just because somebody is angry doesn't mean they don't like me anymore.

Don't forget to post up your own version of Sanguine Saturday (any day, any format as long as it's positive-focused!) and shoot me the link! If you're joining us in this challenge, I want to know about it. Finally, of course, don't forget to check out this week's list of Sanguine Saturday versions:
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Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way.

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