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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sanguine Saturday on Sunday Again

Another long week over, and I got so distracted yesterday I forgot to post this up. I've been sick with something a bit weird that mostly hits at night and leaves me alone through the day every second day (on the other days I feel ill for the whole day), though I have been more tired than normal, particularly at the start of the week. Whatever it is, I'm not a fan! If it continues with the excruciating pain part again tonight, I'll be seeing my new doctor tomorrow to discuss it.

Success Stories:
No drinking.
No burning.
I've been doing my walking (in between days of "too ill to move").
Connected to the above, I left the house four times last week!
I've been drinking more water!
I've been making better choices on what to watch - QI instead of SVU, for instance.
I stood up to my mother.
I picked up a book I would before have considered myself too stupid to read, and surprised myself by actually being able to follow it quite well so far.

Gratitudes/Happy Things:
Good friends.
Kale the therapy puppy who kissed my face all over and chewed my chin after my session, making me laugh. (And yes, I know, *germs*. Don't care! Puppy kisses fix EVERYTHING, even if for only a short time.)
Love (of all kinds).
Playing DDO with someone again.

Challenge and cheer-leading statements:
A choice between two kinds of abuse isn't really a choice.
It's okay to ask for reassurance when people have said they're willing to give that, and to clarify what was said against what I hear.
It's okay to ask for comfort.
I don't have to be perfect.

Don't forget to post up your own version of Sanguine Saturday (any day, any format as long as it's positive-focused!) and shoot me the link! If you're joining us in this challenge, I want to know about it. Finally, of course, don't forget to check out this week's list of Sanguine Saturday versions:
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Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way.

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