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Monday, May 3, 2010

Better Late Than Never (Sanguine Saturday on Monday)

I got distracted, somehow, and completely forgot that Saturday was there, and then that it was gone. Days and times are muddling together in my brain at the moment. Despite my last post, this has not been a week of successes.

Success Stories:
I had a very stressful situation come up and I was able to handle myself quite well. Instead of burying my head in the sand and avoiding it all, I did what I felt needed to be done and I did so quite calmly.

I stood up to my mother instead of caving under the guilt trip she placed on my shoulders. (And okay, yes, truthfully, I would have caved had the other matter not been more important, but that isn't the point.)

Gratitudes List/Things that make me happy:
Crafty things.
Being able to type up lyrics to songs (quite soothing, actually).
The Big Bang Theory (the show, not the theory itself, to which I have no particular emotion attached).
Music and finding new artists/bands/songs that I like.

Cheer-leading statements:
I'm not responsible for anyone but myself. Choices made by others aren't my fault.
Where I am is where I am. Getting angry at myself for it won't change it.
My value as a person is not reflected in whether or not I am a disappointment in the eyes of my family.
Ruminating won't help me find the solutions I'm looking for and nor will it help me find peace with a situation.
Giving up isn't the only answer to imperfection.

Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way.


  1. "Giving up isn't the only answer to imperfection."
    I'm pretty sure its not an answer at all actually...

  2. For me, it's always been an answer. Just not usually a good/healthy one. ;)