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Monday, October 1, 2012

From Recovering To Living

I mentioned a while ago that I've been thinking about this blog and what direction I should take with it. Now that I'm starting to really delve into recovery in a new way, moving from a focus of recovering and into just LIVING (the difference is small, yet simultaneously creates a big impact), I think it's time for my blog to reflect it. My life is very different to how it was when I began this blog, and lately that's meant no updates because ... well, I haven't known what to say that I could say in a way that suited what I felt the blog to have been.

What does this mean for Dialectic Dichotomy? Hopefully more updates! I want to keep the blog positive, but allow myself a space to learn and absorb the lessons that life has for me, much like I've done in the past. I intend to bring in more aspects of my life as it is -- as time passes and I embrace more of what life has to offer, I hope that DD will become more than a mental health blog. After all, I am more than my mental illnesses, why should my blog be less than its author?

I also want to write some more about my relationship and the effects it has on me, as well as the ways my mental health affects my relationship. I want to write about my partner, our daughter, our friends, the ties that I'm building & the activities I'm engaging in within my new community. I want to write about the changes that happen in our lives, the positive things that are happening for us and the challenges we face. I want to write about the people and causes I support and why I support them.

I want to continue growing, and I want this to be a place where that is plainly evident...

...and I hope you all know how much I look forward to continuing this journey with you alongside.


  1. I AM looking forward to it! I'm trying to explore that myself... really LIVING. I think you know what I mean. It's more than recovery. It's more than making it work. It's... something else. I will enjoy seeing what lessons you absorb along the way so I can compare notes :)

  2. Absolutely! It's indefineable though, isn't it? Just something that is, and it's wonderful and exciting and scary, all at once. I guess it's a little like realising that even though you'll always have diabetes, and you'll always have to make allowances for that in some ways (taking insulin or moderating your diet and keeping an eye on certain other aspects of your physical health, etc), once you're past the initial parts of recovering, you kind of put it behind you and a lot of the work-arounds become second nature. It hasn't gone anywhere, you're not recovered, but it's just not the focus of things anymore. And nor should it be!

    Life has so much more to offer us than stopping at our figurative insulin shots. ;)