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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Final London Sanguine Saturday

Oh my, Saturday again already? Well, technically Sunday, but as I've only just got in, I'm going to count it.

Well, tomorrow's my last proper day here in the UK (I fly to Sweden on Monday, and although I'm back again after Sweden it's only overnight and then I've an early flight back to Australia), and I'm really quite sad to be leaving it. Happy, of course, to have the opportunity to go see my Swedish friend, but despite the crazy, despite some hard times, I've really enjoyed the UK and I've loved the people I've met. And especially these last few weeks, I've really done a lot of growing, which I think is something to be pleased about.

Success Stories:
No burning.
No drinking. In fact, as it's the 7th in Australia, I can announce that I'm now 3 months sober.
I've continued to push at my touch boundaries.
I've been practicing some new ways of interacting with people. (True, I get it wrong sometimes [a lot], but I'm trying, and that's important.)
I've done really well navigating myself around London.
I've done some scary but cool things -- like the London Tombs experience! (And oh my god was it ever scary for me!).
I've handled my money better than I expected to.

Gratitudes/Happy Things:
Opportunities for growth and change.
Being brave enough to do some of the things I wanted to that I didn't think I could manage on my own.
Forehead kisses from safe people.
Zoos and squirrels.
Being called pretty (even though it was also very difficult to hear and created a lot of confusion and mixed feelings!)

Challenge and cheer-leading statements:
It's okay to ask for clarification if I think I might have misunderstood something.
It's okay to ask for touch, to accept touch, to enjoy touch. It's okay to share that with people I care about.
Sometimes it is okay/right/best to tell the person I'm with if I'm not okay.
It's okay to make mistakes and be imperfect.
I don't have to take on board every single thing that someone says about me. I can take it, see what fits and what is helpful, and I can leave the rest.
I don't have to fix everything *right now*. It's okay to prioritise and leave some things aside to work on at a later time.

Apologies for the lack, but no outward links again this week. I think I probably will post less links while I'm away, but feel free as always to link in a comment to my SS posts if you do your own version! I still want to read and I'm sure others do, too!

Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way.


  1. "I don't have to fix everything *right now*. It's okay to prioritise and leave some things aside to work on at a later time."

    hell yeah. god forbid *any*one should have to be working on everything at any given time. no one is perfect enough to be able to manage that!

  2. *nods*

    I think for me I've not been thinking in terms of being perfect enough to manage it, but in terms of feeling as though there's too much about me that needs working on/correcting before I have any worth. And in those terms, it's really easy to get stuck on "I must change this NOW. I must also change this, this, that, this and that... *now*."

  3. I'm so happy for your three months' sobriety! Congratulations on this and your other achievements Chrysalis. This has been a great trip for you by the sounds of it (-: