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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jayden's Ode

I've been thinking of resurrecting this. I'm stil pondering, but in the meantime, have a poem written by a support worker at Connections. I've left his line breaks where they were, but I suspect that's mainly based on how much paper he had left on the page rather than where he intended them to be.

Oh moldy bread
Your extravagant uniqueness to other breads is a shining
refresher to my otherwise moldless life.
Your aging mold does not express a diminishing quality
with your sometimes misunderstood penicillin,
rather, reflects your maturing experiences from a fresh, soft
loaf of bread, to your current state, a hard and stale
exterior. Though your solemn purpose of service to diminish
a person's hunger may be redundant, my appreciation
for you and your new potential purposes will never
be unsustained.

He would love your feedback, if anyone's out there reading.

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