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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sanguine Saturday

Is it really Saturday again already? This week was another busy one and time just flew by. I really don't know what happened to it!

Success Stories:
No drinking.
No burning.
I got some scrapbooking done.
I dressed up and went out by myself to do something I really wanted to do.
When I went out, I had a proper conversation with someone who had been on my bus that I hadn't known beforehand and told her about trivia. (She mentioned she's only been in Australia for 5 weeks and doesn't have a social life yet.) I also had a proper conversation with another complete stranger!
I made it to Jazzercise again.
I took a chance about something and that led to sorting it out.
I went to Pub Trivia with my friend Adam.
I spoke to Nikki about options for the dentist and now have a plan to get my teeth sorted out that *doesn't* involve me having to go to the dentist by myself.

Gratitudes/Happy Things:
QI. Majorly happy thing.
Finding perfect presents for people. :D
Pretty new dresses.
Sonia (my rockin' Spychologist)
In fact, all of my support team.
Good friends.
Pretty Christmas fabric (so I can attempt a pretty Christmas dress for myself).
Christmas is coming!

Challenge and cheer-leading statements:
Feelings aren't facts.
Am I hearing what was actually said, or am I hearing an interpretation?
Just because something is frightening doesn't mean it can't be good.

Don't forget to post up your own version of Sanguine Saturday (any day, any format as long as it's positive-focused!) and shoot me the link! If you're joining us in this challenge, I want to know about it. Finally, of course, don't forget to check out this week's list of Sanguine Saturday versions:
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Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way.

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