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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sanguine Sunday

Man, have I really been in the UK three weeks already? Unreal! Can't believe I almost forgot to post this, too!

This week has been a little rough intermixed with really awesome. I've been catching myself reacting to my emotions in ways that I'm not very keen on (mostly to do with food), but for the most part I don't have the energy to fight against that too, so I'm letting it go for now. It's not healthy but it's not altogether destructive, either.

Success Stories:
No drinking.

Made it to an AA meeting here in Scotland. Only actually understood about half of what was said, but that's okay.

I found the AA meeting all by myself, and then navigated myself into the city! Since navigation is not a strong point of mine, there was a real urge to throw up my hands and put it in the too hard basket (especially since I was feeling quite anxious about the meeting anyway), but I didn't.

I survived a night full of strangers, and actually enjoyed myself in the end.

No burning.

I made some decisions! I decided what tours I was going to do, with which company, and then booked myself on two.

I've been making an effort to talk to strangers, even ones who don't have a child or animal in tow. I learned that it's less scary to me if I start the conversation.

I identified (with help) something that was making things hard for me (not having been properly creative in way too long), and I did something about it by going to a craft shop and buying supplies for paper mosaicing.

Gratitudes/Happy Things:
Scottish candy (or, to be fair, pretty much any candy).
Spending time with my best friend.
Playing darts for the first time since I was little (I SO need to put a dart board up).
Avenue Q.

Challenge and cheer-leading statements:
Feelings are not facts.
Someone can be upset at me and still care about me.
Things aren't black and white. There is grey in everything (and that's okay).
I really mean that first one. Really. Feelings are not facts.

Apologies for the lack, but no outward links again this week. I think I probably will post less links while I'm away, but feel free as always to link in a comment to my SS posts if you do your own version! I still want to read and I'm sure others do, too!

Take care of yourselves until next time, and may we all find our own small fences along the way.


  1. You are pretty amazing, you. Keep having a good adventure. x P

  2. Good work on getting to a meeting in a foreign country! Truly, you are doing so well and it's inspiring. Stay focused and keep having fun!!